Group Therapy

At times, the synergy of joint insight, compassion and learning adds a different flavor to the healing journey. Below, we have the upcoming groups listed. Each group requires an intake to ensure everyone is a good fit to create an effective and safe environment.

Please note, some groups will require you to be connected with a therapist - either myself or another provider.

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shallow focus of a woman's sad eyes
‘We have to study how to be TENDER with each other until it BECOMES HABIT’
-Audre Lorde

Becoming a Therapist has been one of my biggest dreams; however, there were MANY difficult/ traumatic days and minimal support. The greatest influences on me becoming the clinician I am today were from supervisors not attached to my job culture, my quotas, or pressure from up top.

In service to creating a better world culture for Social Workers, it is my joy and passion to offer clinical supervision! I’ve seen my folks grow ABUNDANTLY in both their personal and work lives.

Let’s chat about the opportunity for you to flourish into the clinician you’ve not even dreamt is possible to be yet 🤩.