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Be You Bariatric (a division of Your Heart's Desire Therapy & Wellness, LLC) is happy to meet with you and your staff at your clinic to discuss our services, provide a sample anonymous report, demonstrate objective outcome measures, and discuss feedback.
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gray scale photo of three nurses and doctor about to perform surgery
gray scale photo of three nurses and doctor about to perform surgery
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woman having blood pressure monitor
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brown concrete building during daytime

Why refer my weight loss surgery patients to Be You Bariatric?

Be You Bariatric has a dedicated arm of our practice dedicated to supporting the psychological and socio-cultural impacts of both Being Over Weight & the interpersonal shifts that accompany Weight Loss.

Our Primary Clinician, Ms. Desirée N. Robinson, LCSW-C, ACS, is an experienced Psychotherapist & Current Bariatric Fellow with The American Association of Bariatric Counselors. She is committed to supporting people on their journey to wellness, inclusive of restoring choice, enhancing self-esteem, and cultivating self-identity for those on their weight loss journey.

What will Be You Bariatric provide for me as the surgeon?
A comprehensive evaluation/ report mirroring your clients estimated readiness for surgery, per the interview, related test results and clinical impression.

This includes:

  1. A 50-60 minute in-person interview with the patient.

  2. Assessment and scoring of pertinent and relevant objective measures.

  3. Patients offered appointments within 1 weeks of their initial email or interest submission form.

    A detailed report including:

    1. Necessary information needed for insurance purposes.

    2. Specific pre- and post-operative recommendations for each patient.

    3. Sections tailored to surgeon preference – upon request.

    4. Report turn-around time is less than 2 days from the date of evaluation.

    We are available to address cases that need further discussion. We are also available to help prepare your patients for surgery and/or assist them post-operatively when needed. If you have patients who you believe need extra assistance, we welcome your referrals.

Services Offered:

  • Pre-operative psychological evaluations, meeting both insurance and surgeon requirements.

  • Outpatient therapy for pre-operative patients to help prepare them for the post-operative behavioral and emotional changes.

  • Post-operative therapy to assist with adherence to diet, physical activity, lifestyle changes, or emotional adjustment.

  • Brief phone coaching sessions for less intensive support.

  • Presentations at support groups or lectures